Events 2015

The Hill Pony Display Team would be delighted to have your support, the theme for this year is Medieval Fayre, a very colourful display complete with fire juggling, acrobatic jesters, sword fights and of course the musical ride, brandishing lances and all!

Come and see them at Widecombe Fair, Tuesday 8th September 2015.

Have a look at the facebook page Hill Pony Display Team.

Midge the MagnificantThe Display Team is kindly sponsored by Homeoak Trading, suppliers of a wide selection of engineered and solid oak flooring, expert advice on measuring fitting and finishing for the best results.





Handled Pony Sale on 30th 2014 august at chagford contact Rendells auctioneers for more details.

Drift Pony Sale at chagford 9th october 2014.
More information on the drifts and a new way to find ponies homes available shortly if interested please contact us.

Pony Competition

We are running an online Dartmoor Hill Pony agility competition, which we would love for all DHP owners to take part in, young or old! The overall winner of the competition will become the Dartmoor Hill Pony On Line champion for 2015. 1st prize £100.

The competition comprises of 10 handler and pony obstacles. The focus will be on good leading, safety and fun. To enter, all you need to do is ask someone to video you doing each obstacle, then either upload it as an MP4 file and e-mail it to OR you can burn it onto a DVD or memory stick and send it to us! The Horse Agility Club have very kindly allowed us to use this and if you need any tips, take a look on their website where you will find videos and also instructions on how to film and record your entry.

Full details of the obstacle course and rules can be downloaded here or on our Facebook group. If you have any technical issues (uploading videos etc.) please feel free to contact me, SJ, The competition will run until February 1st 2015 , so don't worry, you will have plenty of time to perfect your techniques! The entry fee is £10. We hope that lots of you will enter, it's a great way of having fun with your pony! Good luck!

Contraceptive Programme Update

Final preparations are being made for the 2014 phase of the Dartmoor Hill Pony Con- traception Programme, so it seems appropriate to give a brief update on the story so far.
In 2013, a pilot programme was run exploring the use of a contraceptive drug (fondly known as the Pony Pill) on a controlled group of 28 ponies. At the end of the programme, many things were better un- derstood: we knew more about the drug’s effectiveness, that it does not harm mares nor their foals if they were pregnant when they received their dose, and that they return to fertility when the mare is no longer given boosters.
In 2014 the second phase of the pilot will take place, designed to refine the use of the drug. This year, as this is being written, there are 85 ponies placed in the pilot by many Hill Farmers from across the Dartmoor Commons, with others being added, indicating a groundswell of support for the scheme by the moor’s pony-keepers.
By the end of the year it is hoped that the contraceptive drug, along with detailed knowledge about its use, will be available for Dartmoor pony-keepers to use as part of their herd’s breeding programme. The pilot phases have been made possible by significant sponsors, such as the Petplan Charitable Trust, as well as donations made by wonderful caring individuals.
The selling of plaited pony-tail hair key-rings and bracelets made by Jazzy Horse Hair Designs have so far raised a further £350, and grateful thanks must be given to the Warren House Inn Postbridge where so many have been sold over the winter.
There will be further up- dates through the website and these pages as the scheme progresses this year.